Monty by Vinnie Tortorich

Monty may very well be the only children’s book written about the unique American Saddlebred Horse.

The author, Vinnie Tortorich took several real life events that actually occurred around the show horse industry and carefully spun it into a children’s story.

Yes, Monty is a real horse and Molly is actually a World Champion horse trainer, Melissa Moore who commonly uses natural remedies to help heal horses. The heart felt story between a girl and her love for horses comes to a crescendo with another real life event, which happened at the Saddlebred World Championships in 2003.

Although Monty was written for pre-teens, the story reads easily to younger kids and has also found an adult audience.

This wonderful book is available at the following places: Fennells, World Champion Horse Equipment, Le Cheval, Carl Meyers, The Tack Box, American Saddlebred Museum gift shop, Horse Cents, F.M. Browns tack Shop, Show Horse Tack, Joseph-Beth Bookselles and

You can also order by emailing us at: The book is $16.95 plus shipping.

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